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As a Land-grant and Space Grant University, New Mexico State University is committed to creation and dissemination of knowledge that serves the interests of the Nation, New Mexico and students who access the institution. I am honored to join Chancellor Dan Arvizu and President John Floros and Provost Carol Parker in leading the research enterprise at NMSU.  Our team, the staff of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate School, endeavors to grow research and creative activity programs, to enable faculty, scholar, researcher, and student success, to provide steadfast stewardship of sponsor funds, to promote research compliance, and to help communicate the value of NMSU research to all stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to partner with the community, state and nation and contribute to the educational achievement and economic health of the peoples of New Mexico.

Luis Cifuentes, Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School. Please feel free to contact me at (575) 646-2481 or via e-mail at

To achieve our goals,

We are committed to these ideas:

  • All field advance, elevate and value research, scholarship and creative activity
  • Research, scholarship and creative activity must promote, impact and increase diversity of thought and peoples in all fields
  • An excellent cadre of faculty are an engine for research, scholarship and creative activity
  • Excellent achievements in research, scholarship and creative activities should be recognized, supported, rewarded and celebrated
  • Strong graduate programs are central to growth and impact of research, scholarship and creative activity
  • Student success and a well-trained work force requires exposure to and experience in impactful research, scholarship, and creative activity
  • Land-grant institutions value and engage in basic, applied, translational, action, and multi-disciplinary research, scholarship and creative activity
  • A robust infrastructure is required to develop and sustain effective and productive research, scholarship and creative activity