RCP Welcomes Dr. Robert Young as the new director of the CAIL laboratory!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Young has accepted an NMSU offer and will be our next director of the Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation Laboratory. He brings some exciting skills to the laboratory, including R programming for data analysis, broad chemical analysis skills (including ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry experience), and an impressive grant-writing background.

Dr. Young’s first day at NMSU will be June 1st, 2021 and you can check him out here:








NIH awards $888,000 grant to NMSU researchers studying heart attacks

Patrick Trainor, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at NMSU,  is leading a team of physicians and scientists from three universities for an in-depth study of blood samples from human patients. The project is part of a long-term collaboration with Dr. Andrew DeFilippis, a cardiologist and clinician-scientist at Vanderbilt University. In February, Trainor’s research team received an $888,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund the project over the next four years. The research team also includes Dr. Tanner Schaub, director of NMSU’s Research Cores Program, and NMSU graduate students Hossein Mousavi and Alanna Cover, and post-doctoral researcher Dr. Maha Abutokaikah. The research involves statistical classification methods, machine-learning techniques for biomarker discovery and validation, mass spectrometry techniques for detecting and quantifying metabolites and proteins in circulation, as well as the study of metabolism You can read more about this exciting work here:



NMSU Team Awarded $1.2 M from National Science Foundation for Collaborative Research

A research team led by Dr. Erik Yukl (NMSU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) has recently been awarded $1.2 M through the Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at the National Science Foundation for an Investigator-initiated research project entitled  “Collaborative Research: H-NOX homologues in biofilm formation: A combined molecular and systems level approach”. The project includes co-PIs Dr. Samantha Carlisle (NMSU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry), Dr. Patrick Trainor (NMSU Department of Applied Statistics), Dr. Tanner Schaub (Research Cores Program, NMSU OVPR) and Dr. Kelly Chacón (Department of Chemistry, Reed College).

High-Performance Computing Joins the Research Cores Program

The OVPR Research Cores Program is pleased to announce that the NMSU High Performance Computing group (https://hpc.nmsu.edu) will join RCP through a partnership between OVPR and the NMSU ICT. This partnership will advance the sustainability, impact, and exposure of the HPC resource. The HPC is developed/administered by ICT Systems' Nicholas Von Wolff and Strahinja Trecakov.  HPC user experience is overseen by Dr. Diana Dugas and includes a team of graduate students that offer user support including user on-boarding and troubleshooting help. The high performance computing (HPC) cluster is free to use for current students, faculty, and staff for both research and teaching. Do you have projects that require intensive computing power or are simply taking longer to complete than you’d like? Do you want to give your students a competitive edge in today’s job market?  Please contact Dr. Dugas and/or Tanner Schaub to discuss!